The Benefits of an Annual Exam 

Aging doesn’t have to mean that you have to stop being independent or completely change your lifestyle. Getting an annual PT exam is a great way to be proactive about your health so you can continue to enjoy an active lifestyle. Hillcrest Physical Therapy’s goal is to ensure that you age well and stay independent as long as possible.

Hillcrest Physical Therapy specializes in the 55+ community, offering the only annual therapy exam in the area specifically developed to assess the older adult. The annual PT exam includes tests for strength, flexibility, balance, posture and endurance, providing an overall understanding of your health. Following the assessment, a Hillcrest therapist help you develop a plan that fits your individual health needs.

As you age, falling becomes one of the highest risks for hospitalization. According to the National Council for Aging Care, one in four Americans over the age of 65 falls each year, with one in 10 falls resulting in serious injuries. Bad falls can lead to hospitalization, which often has a negative impact on the health of aging adults. According to CNN.com, many aging adults leave the hospital less independent than when they arrived.

This means that every year it becomes more and more important to be proactive about your health and mobility. Getting an annual exam is a great way to do that, helping to maintain independence, reduce the risk of falls and help you be more confident in your daily activities.

“We suggest doing a physical PT exam about once a year,” said Paul Gardner, Administrator of Community Rehab at Hillcrest Rehab Services. “This provides a good picture for where the individual is physically and how we can help them keep their active lifestyle.”

To schedule your annual exam with Hillcrest Physical Therapy and take the first step toward aging well, call (402) 682-4210, or visit Innovate PT for more information.

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