Speaker Bureau

Hillcrest Health Services is an organization that is full of knowledgeable experts in a variety of health and aging-related topics. From the 2012 national Assisted Living Administrator of the Year, to Bellevue University’s 2012 Professor of the Year, to some of the region’s most highly respected Geriatric specialists, we are likely to have just the expert you’re looking for to give a presentation at your upcoming event. Most presentations are offered gratis, but occasionally a fee is charged if travel expenses will be incurred or if the host group desires Continuing Education Credits through our relationship with Iowa Western Community College.

While topics can always be customized to meet your group’s needs, some of our more popular presentations include:

 General Aging-Related Topics

  • Aging-related Trends: Preparing for the Future
  • The Non-Traditional Nursing Home
  • Understanding Aging Services Today
  • The Benefits of Volunteering
  • Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors
  • Inter-generational Activities for Young and Old
  • How to Choose A Long Term Care Provider
  • Understanding Assisted Living
  • The Benefits Of Home Care And Hospice
  • Understanding Insurance Co-pays and Medicare Option Plans
  • Do I Need a Medicare Supplemental Plan?
  • Do I Need Long Term Care Insurance?
  • Advanced Directives: Living Wills and Medical POAs

Exercise & Therapy

  • Functional Exercise
  • How Ready Are You For Physical Activity?
  • Taking Care Of Your Back
  • Pain Meds Vs. Exercise
  • Benefits of Water Exercise
  • Shoes Matter!
  • Healthy Eating for Aging Adults
  • Back Safety And Good Body Mechanics
  • Reducing Your Risk of Falling
  • The Ins & Outs of Joint Protection
  • Movement Improvement With Tai Chi
  • Active Aging & The Importance of Play

Senior Health & Disease-Specific Topics

  • Alzheimer’s Disease Social Impact
  • Managing Challenging Dementia Related Behaviors
  • Art Therapy
  • Stroke Risk Factors
  • Understanding Parkinson’s Disease
  • Managing Depression in the Elderly
  • What are Palliative Care and Hospice Care?
  • Dying with Dignity: The Concept of Hospice
  • Bone Health For All Ages
  • Prevention & Treatment of Repetitive Strain Injuries
  • Prevention & Treatment of Lymphedema and Chronic Swelling
  • Making Your Life Easier With Adaptive Equipment

To learn more about The Hillcrest Speaker Bureau or to inquire about scheduling an upcoming presentation or event, please email us or call Wendy Callahan, marketing specialist, at (402) 682-4125.