Welcome to our hospice and bereavement blog, Tim Snyderwhere we will feature posts from our experts, including Tim Snyder, Administrator of Hillcrest Hospice Care. Mr. Snyder was named Administrator in July 2013 after serving as Director of Patient and Family Services, Compliance Officer and Spiritual Care Coordinator for the Hillcrest Hospice team since the inception of the program in 2010.

Mr. Snyder is an inspirational leader who has served others through ministry, education and counseling for more than 18 years. As a Family Life Minister for 11 years, he honed his skills in leadership, counseling and community support. He continued his passion for education and advising others as Director of Admissions for his alma mater, NebraskaChristianCollege, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Ministry. He also holds a Master of Arts in Education and Counseling from Cincinnati Christian Seminary.