Hillcrest Celebrates Its Volunteers

At the end of April, Hillcrest Health Services honored all the volunteers that enhance the lives of aging adults each and every day. More than 130 volunteers were in attendance at the recognition event. Volunteers enjoyed a nice meal and entertainment, and awards were presented to many of the faithful volunteers.
In 2016, Hillcrest volunteers logged just under 10,000 volunteer hours – that’s more than 410 days of time! Please take a moment when you see our volunteers to thank them for what they do.

Hillcrest Volunteer Services recognized Adult Volunteers of the Year at each Hillcrest community and three Youth Volunteers of the Year. The 2016 Volunteer of the Year Award winners are:

Jim Schwalb, Hillcrest Hospice Care,

Jean Ewing, Hillcrest Country Estates Grand Lodge,

Kari Loveland (youth volunteer), Hillcrest Country Estates Grand Lodge,

Hands of Heartland, Hillcrest Country Estates Cottages,

Don Jacobson, Hillcrest Shadow Lake,

Florence Summers, Hillcrest Mable Rose,

Natalie McNamara (youth volunteer), Hillcrest Mable Rose,

Mount Carmel Baptist Church, Hillcrest Health & Rehab,

Ambrose Terneus (youth volunteer), Hillcrest Health & Rehab.

Presidential Volunteer Service Awards were also given out for the extraordinary hours donated in 2016 to enhancing lives at Hillcrest. In 2003, the United States President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation launched a President’s Volunteer Service Award program to celebrate, honor and recognize Americans making a positive impact through their volunteer services. The award enables organizations to join the President in thanking the nation’s most dedicated volunteers.

Presidential Volunteer Service Awards were awarded to Michelle Blesh, Jenna Clark, Judi Colby, Ron Colby, Jeanette Coleman, Madison DeMeo, Margaret Dorsee, Drew Grimm, Trish Iacopini, Yvette King, Natalie McNamara, Jim Schwalb, Ralph Smith, Mary Ann Stevens, Kathy Taylor, Ambrose Terneus, Judy Warren, Richard Woodsmall and Sandy Kinsella.

Presidential Volunteer Service Awards were awarded to 19 Hillcrest volunteers at the Volunteer Appreciation Event in April. Pictured above are some of the Presidential Award Winners. Volunteer of the Year Award winners are pictured below.

Thank you to all of our hardworking, dedicated volunteers!

Therapy for Parkinson’s Gets BIG and LOUD

It is common for people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) to experience communication difficulties and decreased mobility that may impair their ability to stay independent.

Innovative methods of therapy, LSVT BIG® and LSVT LOUD®, are clinically-proven methods available to help Parkinson’s patients regain and strengthen these functions.

The American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA) reports that 89 percent of patients experience speech problems leading to declining communication and many tend to have a quiet voice with difficulty projecting.

LSVT LOUD, a method used by speech therapists, improves the voice and speech with intensive therapy sessions over a period of a month, and patients receive required homework, too. The focus is on boosting vocal loudness to improve communication. LSVT Global reports 80 percent of patients maintain improvements 12-24 months after treatments.

As patients progress with the disease, walking and balance can also become more challenging. Along the same lines as boosting vocal loudness, the LSVT BIG concept focuses on making bigger movements to improve movement quality.

Patients with PD often take smaller, slower steps, but with prompting and training over an intensive one-month period, the patient focuses on exaggerated, bigger movements. The results have been faster walking, better balance, ease of movement and mobility.

Hillcrest Physical Therapy is certified in these programs along with geriatric and balance therapy specializations. For more information, call (402) 682-4210.