Hillcrest rebrands private duty services as Hillcrest Caring Companions

Hillcrest Health Services is now offering its in-home personal care services, commonly referred to as private duty services, through Hillcrest Caring Companions.

“Under Hillcrest Home Care, we have been offering in-home personal care services in the Omaha area for more than a decade,” said Reggie Ripple, Vice President of Home & Community Services. “We feel the time has come to rename this specific type of care to more accurately describe the services offered and help clear up confusion among the public who is caring for aging loved ones.”

Over the years, Hillcrest’s private duty services have helped more than 1,000 aging adults remain safe at home. Through Hillcrest Caring Companions, Hillcrest will continue to assist seniors in the same way.

Hillcrest Caring Companions will provide companion services, such as socialization/friendship or grocery shopping, personal care services, such as bathing/ grooming or walking assistance, and specialized services, such as dementia care or overnight care.

Skilled home health, palliative care and telehealth will still be provided through Hillcrest Home Care.

Hillcrest Health Services Honors Volunteers of the Year

Hillcrest Health Services celebrated its volunteers at the Annual Volunteer Appreciation Event on April 14. More than 100 volunteers, ranging in age from 6 to 88, attended and celebrated completing over 8,900 hours of volunteer work for Hillcrest in 2015. In addition to a dinner, the volunteers who have given so selflessly of their time and energy were also treated to a performance by Project 424, Bellevue West’s acapella group.

This year’s awards also included youth volunteers of the year for three of our service lines. Congratulations to the 2015 Adult and Youth Volunteers of the Year:

Lindsey Bartman (youth), Hillcrest Country Estates
Ron and Judy Colby, Hillcrest Country Estates

Pastor George Doyle, The Grand Lodge at Hillcrest Country Estates

Kelly Speltz (youth), Hillcrest Health & Rehab (not pictured)
Doris Adams, Hillcrest Health & Rehab

Yvette King, Hillcrest Mable Rose (not pictured)
Maddie DeMeo (youth), Hillcrest Mable Rose

Kathy Taylor, Hillcrest Hospice Care







Hillcrest enhances Palliative Care Program with new medical team

Dr. Rebecca Wester, a highly-respected board certified physician in geriatric, hospice and palliative medicine has been named Medical Director for the Palliative Care Program. Dr. Wester has served as an associate professor and practicing physician with Nebraska Medicine’s Nebraska Medical Center since 2007 and is passionate about end of life issues. In her new role she will also serve as associate medical director for Hillcrest Hospice Care, supporting Dr. Rebecca Reilly, medical director.

In addition, palliative care expert Brandy Anderson, APRN, MSN has joined Hillcrest to provide additional medical oversight and meet the day-to-day needs of patients. Brandy’s full-time role as nurse practitioner takes her to homes, care facilities, senior living communities and wherever else Hillcrest’s palliative care patients need her.

Dr Wester-website

Dr. Rebecca Wester

Brandy Anderson

Brandy Anderson, APRN, MSN

“Palliative Care is family and patient-centered care that enhances quality of life by anticipating, preventing and treating chronic disease symptoms that cause suffering,” said Dr. Wester.

These dedicated medical professionals, along with the Hillcrest Home Care team of nurses, therapists and social workers, enhance the lives of clients undergoing curative treatment or receiving chronic pain or symptom management who are not yet ready for hospice care.

Oncologists and physicians are taking advantage of this program, which gives them the opportunity to help their patients manage the symptoms of chronic illnesses.

“We are very excited to have these experts on our team and are looking forward to bringing much-needed palliative care services to more patients in the Omaha region,” said Reggie Ripple, Vice President of Home & Community Services.