Rockin’ at Hillcrest Mable Rose

Youth Has No Age – Pablo Picasso

For these Hillcrest Mable Rose residents, age is just a number. Administrator Lisa Summers, who moonlights as a photographer, thought it would be fun to take a series of photos featuring seniors in unexpected scenarios to emphasize their sentiment. D-Rocks Music in Papillion opened their doors for this special senior photo shoot, titled “Mable Rose Old Timer’s Rock ‘n Roll”.

“Our residents thought this would be fun, and why not?” Summers quipped. “This is a great opportunity to show that at any age, you can have fun and enjoy the spice of life. They love staging these photos.”

Peter Taraboletti (far right) is 93 and asked to participate. “He said he wanted to do his part!” Summers added.

Hillcrest plans to display the photos at their annual Afternoon of Art Show held each spring featuring all forms of art created by residents, family members, friends and team members.


Hillcrest Mable Rose residents (left to right): Jackie Schwartz, Mary Lou Rotert, married couple Jim and Eleanor White, Elly Krutina, and Peter Taraboletti.