Local Artist Crafts Mural Tribute to Veterans

Veterans Tribute entranceWhen the Grand Lodge at Hillcrest Country Estates opened, it welcomed several retired military members, including retired General Leo Smith and CMSgt Jim McCoy, and their wives. The leadership team at the Grand Lodge knew they wanted to do something to honor all local veterans every day of the year. Together with a committee of resident veterans, including the Smiths and the McCoys, they planned a very creative use of space for this memorial tribute.

Local artist Richard Harrison crafted the Veteran’s Tribute mural that now spans the 40-foot hall at the Grand Lodge. The committee added shadow boxes containing donated uniforms and assorted medals worn in various eras by each branch of the United States military. Even more precious are the stories that came with the uniforms, each one sharing personal details about residents involved in historic conflicts.

“Photographs don’t do it justice,” said Curt Copple, administrator at the Grand Lodge. “Everyone is very pleased with how it turned out and touched by the thoughtfulness that went into the project. We invite the community to take a tour and see the wonderful project that resulted from creativity and local talent.”

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