“BOOB Girls” author, Joy Johnson, one of Grief Symposium speakers

Joy Johnson - "BOOB Girls" author & Grief Symposium speakerPopular “BOOB Girls” author, Joy Johnson, is one of the key presenters at the Grief Symposium, a free event open to the public on Saturday, October 1 at Bellevue University’s Criss Auditorium. Johnson joins Jea Theis, LIMHP, LCSW and Dr. Anna Fisher to educate professionals and the public about what grief really is, so they may better help themselves and help others who are grieving.

Joy Johnson has written or edited over 100 books on grief, many for children, including a book for parents and caregivers – “Keys to Teaching Children about Death and Grief.” Her long-running comedy-mystery series, “BOOB Girls: The Burned Out Old Broads at Table 12” features four retired widows in a retirement community in Omaha. The first book is being adapted as a musical to premiere in Omaha.

Understanding Grief

“We are very excited to have such a wonderful trio of presenters, especially Joy Johnson, sharing their humor and knowledge,” said Valerie Height, Bereavement Coordinator of Hillcrest Hospice. “Grief is often overlooked in society. Many people never learned how to grieve or how to recognize that they are grieving. Yet all of us will grieve at one point in our life, whether it is due to the loss of someone or something, or a major change in our lives.”

During the symposium, participants will learn the language of grief and how it is expressed, develop insight into grief issues and gain an understanding of how to care for themselves or others who are grieving.

“This is a great opportunity for people who are experiencing or anticipating a loss to begin to understand grief and navigate their healing journey,” Height added. “In addition, professionals will be able to gain education on caring for others who are grieving while taking care of themselves.”

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