It’s a Dog’s Life at the Hillcrest Dog Show

Hillcrest Mable Rose hosted its annual dog show featuring all types of furry friends! Thetea cup Trixie contestants showed off their best tricks, skills, fashion and cuteness for the judges and the residents.

Rosie the bulldog painted her toenails red for the occasion; teacup Pomeranians, Trixie and Lucy, melted the audience with their cuteness; and Zeus, an Akita, was all business in his tie and sunglasses.

Akita working dog

Biggest Drooler: Zeus


Fastest Ice Cream Eater: Wolfgang


Fastest Hot Dog Finder: D.O.G.

wheaton shnauzer

Sweet & Shy: Rex

Rosie bulldog 1

Best Dressed: Rosie

Dallas 1

Coolest Trick: Dallas

brown lab mix

Best Look-A-Like: Araya & Noodles

B W chihahua

Spunkiest: Lil’ Bit

Backpack-red poodle

Most Talkative: Bray