Hillcrest’s Montessori Eldercare Program is Unlocking New Methods in Dementia Care

Hillcrest Health Services and Hillcrest Mable Rose completed its fourth year partnering with the Montessori International School of the Plains (MISP) offering Nebraska’s first all-day eldercare Montessori learning program of its kind. Over that last semester, they took it a step further and conducted an evidence-based study on the program, producing positive results for those with dementia.

Anna Fisher, Hillcrest Health Services

Dr. Anna Fisher, Hillcrest Health Service, Director of Quality and Education

With 44 residents with dementia involved in the study, Montessori students in grades 7-12, a.k.a. young researchers, tracked, tabulated and analyzed data and wrote a scientific research paper describing the results. The evidence revealed that residents with cognitive impairments showed constructive and positive engagement while involved in Montessori activities, and they also exhibited positive behavior and positive mood while engaged in activities.

Dr. Anna Fisher, who was instrumental in developing the program, recently blogged about Hillcrest Health Service’s pioneering Montessori Eldercare Program, posted on McKnight’s Long-Term Care News & Assisted Living website. To learn more about the program and results, read Dr. Fisher’s blog here.

For more details on the study, view the presentation here.