Hillcrest Patient Finds Joy and Therapy in Crocheting

HHR crochet bag

Physical Therapist, Angie Pineda, shows off the crocheted ornament made for her by patient, Ava Galbraith.

Ava Galbraith, who is recovering from surgery at Hillcrest Health & Rehab, has been putting smiles on her care team member’s faces with gifts of crocheted flowers. “This is my way of doing therapy while I’m here,” she said. Since this was her third time recovering at Hillcrest, she had learned a thing or two about how to pass the time.

Mrs. Galbraith had been working on several crochet projects, but she noticed the therapists and nurses all had similar bags. So, she decided to get creative and crochet colorful flowers to tie onto the bags so they won’t get them mixed up.

During her last visit, which was during the colder months, she made ornaments, ponchos, hats and headbands for her family, friends and the team members caring for her.

“It has been a great way to keep active and keep moving,” she added. And her care team loves the new embellishments for their bags!Crocheted flowers