Hillcrest Health Services Presented “Understanding Palliative Care” at Professional Development Series

Hillcrest Health Services hosted its final Professional Development Series event for the year on Oct. 23, featuring “Understanding Palliative Care” presented by Howard Edwards, Jr., M.D., M.A.

Dr. Edwards provided an overview of the differences between hospice and palliative care and explained when the time is right for each level of care. He emphasized key factors in providing palliative care: the importance of early, long-term care planning and setting goals for symptom management.

“Palliative Care doctors are symptom doctors,” he said. “We ask a patient, ‘How do you feel today?’, and we look for ways to help the patient feel better.”

Learn more about Hillcrest Home Care’s palliative care program.

Dr. Edwards_Photo for SM

Dr. Howard Edwards presented “Understanding Palliative Care” to area health care professionals on Oct. 23.