Hillcrest Country Estates Team Member Receives Social Service Designee Scholarship

On April 27, Andrea Friend, Cottage Guide at Andrea-scholarship2Hillcrest Country Estates in Bellevue, received the 2016 Social Service Designee Scholarship from the Nebraska Health Care Foundation (NHCF). The scholarship was presented to Friend at the association’s Spring Convention in Kearney, Neb.

“It has been wonderful to watch Andrea grow in her work with our elders, from elder assistant to cottage guide, and I am so proud to see her take her commitment to aging adults to the next level with this scholarship,” said Cindy Klein, administrator at Hillcrest Country Estates.

“Nebraska is filled with people like Andrea who are providing quality care to nursing facility and assisted living community residents every day. It is our pleasure to reward Andrea in this way,” said Heath Boddy, President and CEO of NHCF.

NHCF was established in 1987 to help ensure there are an adequate number of trained professionals to care for residents of the state’s nursing facilities and assisted living communities. Each year, NHCF awards more than 35 scholarships. For more information, please visit nehca.org.