4 Tips to Stay Safe and Independent in Your Home

A key safety issue, especially among aging adults, is that of slips, trips and falls.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, each year one in every three adults age 65 and older falls. These falls can cause very mild or very severe injuries ranging from bumps and bruises to broken bones and head trauma. In fact, falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries in older adults.

We invite you to join us and the National Safety Council in reducing the risk of safety issues. Here are 4 tips to help keep you safe at home:

1)  Exercise regularly. By improving strength and balance, older adults are less likely to harm themselves through a fall. Classes like Tai Chi or water aerobics are excellent ways to work out and increase muscle strength and flexibility while also having fun and being social. Stick to low impact exercises.

2)  Remove fall hazards from the home. It’s so easy to trip over something like an area rug or incredibly shaggy carpet. Reduce the risk by removing things that could present an obstacle and adding safety features where you can. For instance, a bar neaimg-landing-page-signaturevillas-7r the toilet and inside a slippery bathtub may prove beneficial in retaining balance.

3)  Get your eyes checked regularly. Be sure to update prescriptions as needed in order to help maintain maximum visibility.

4)  Review your medications and request that a doctor or pharmacist do the same. It is important to know what medicines may cause things like drowsiness or dizziness as well as what times of day they are taken. If possible, talk to a doctor about administering medication at a different time of day if you’re worried it will disrupt your daily schedule with possible side effects.

For more resources and information on preventing falls, visit the National Safety Council’s website.

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