An Innovative Approach to Home Care in Omaha

Through special telehealth equipment provided to clients, the telehealth services offered by Hillcrest Home Care allows our professionals the ability to monitor clients’ vital signs at home and eliminates unnecessary trips to a physician’s office or hospital. Monitoring a patient’s vital signs from home, including weight, blood pressure and pulse, may lead to early detection of health complications. You’ll enjoy more time relaxing in the comfort of your home and less time spent in a waiting room, as doctors and nurses receive medical updates regularly and can assess your status through this innovative program.

Hillcrest provides telehealth services at no charge as part of a skilled home health episode or may be available as a separate private pay option for those interested for home monitoring and safety reasons. It’s truly a progressive approach to in-home health care in Omaha and surrounding areas!

For more information about our Telehealth Services, please call (402) 682-4808 or contact us.