What to Expect

Your stay at Hillcrest Health & Rehab will be focused on your recovery, which means plenty of physical and occupational therapy to get you ready for your return home or to the community. Bring comfortable clothes, like sweatpants, t-shirts, zipper sweatshirts and sensible shoes or sneakers for therapy. You may also choose to bring an iPad, tablet or laptop and take advantage of free WiFi to email friends and family, get work done or enjoy your favorite online games or social media.

Most patient-guests stay with us for about 14-21 days for rehabilitation. During your stay, your leadership care team – featuring a clinical manager, rehab therapy manager and a social worker – will meet with you regularly to discuss your progress and plan for discharge. Our entire focus remains on getting you healthy and ready to return to the activities and lifestyle you enjoy.

Hillcrest Health & Rehab is certified to accept Medicare as well as private insurance to cover your stay. (Remember, Medicare requires a qualifying 3-night hospital stay within the 30 days prior to admission). In addition, patient-guests are invited to continue under the care of their personal physician while staying with us.

Questions About Your Transition Care

1. How long will I be here?img-landing-page-healthrehab-3

An Interdisciplinary team meets weekly to discuss your care. They also communicate with your doctor. Discharge orders must be received from your physician. In order to make your return home successful, it is important that you meet the goals that were set at the beginning of your stay. The team members will discuss your progress and discharge date with you along the way.

2. Is my physician involved?

Yes, the nursing department, and at times, your therapist will keep your physician involved and informed regarding what is happening with your care.

3. What services are available, and who helps to arrange these services for when I return home?

Often times, out patient or home health services are recommended by the interdisciplinary team and/or your physician. The social worker, who has been assigned to you, will assist with many of the referrals that are needed for outside services. Make sure you are in contact with her prior to discharge to assist with this. The social worker will give you a list of available resources to help you choose the best ones for you.

4. How are the services paid for?

The type of insurance you have determines how your services are paid for. Many times, Medicare covers the cost of out-patient or home health. Other types of commercial insurance may also. Please check with your policy to verify coverage.

5. What is the difference in out-patient therapies and home health therapies?

Out-patient therapies allow for you to come in and do your therapies in a rehab setting. Home Health therapies are for when you are homebound and not able to go anywhere.

6. If I need medicine after I discharge, how is that handled?

Often nursing is able to call in to your regular pharmacy the medications your physician has ordered.

7. What happens if I get home, am not doing well, and need to come back?

Medicare allows you to come back, with your physicians order, within 30 days of your discharge. Your available days will begin where you left off. If it is longer than that, you will have to have a 3 night hospital stay to qualify to utilize your Medicare benefits. To have your full 100 days back, you must have a break in wellness for at least 60 days.

8. If I am not able to go home, what do I do?

If it is determined that it would not be in your best interest to return home, you have a few options. One may be going to an assisted living facility. It is a place where you receive more help than at home, but not as much as you would receive in a long term care facility. Costs vary among different facilities, as well as the levels of care they can accommodate. Ask your social worker for a list of facilities that you or your loved one can visit.

You may need to, however, live at a long term facility. These facilities provide 24-hour care and assistance for those that cannot do for themselves. Again, speak to your social worker about a list of facilities for you to look into.

If you have more questions about our services or your upcoming stay, please contact us.