Hillcrest Health Services Testimonials

View and Read Senior Living Testimonials from Hillcrest Residents

Hillcrest Health Services is the standard of progressive care in Omaha, Nebraska. We pride ourselves on providing quality senior care to all of our residents. Click the links below to watch a testimonial video and read senior living testimonials regarding our rehabilitative care, hospice care, assisted living, memory care, physical therapy and adult day services.

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Written Testimonials

Hillcrest Health & Rehab

“…My complete experience at Hillcrest has been one of joy, love, happy contentment and deep peace, all results of your efforts of all department staff & their efforts on my behalf. They are all true professionals and are to be commended for their hard work and dedication to their patients. Such TLC! I look forward to continued recovery at home and know I’ll do well because of all the great inspiration I’ve received from everyone employed by HHR. Thanks and God Bless You!”

– Miss Nancy R.

“I would just like to say ‘thank you’ for helping me to have a great year. I had the most wonderful Halloween and Christmas of my life this past year. My care was beyond expectations … Thank you all so much!”

-Rosemary K.

“To All Administrators, Owners and Staff:
How may I ever thank everyone for your encouragement, assistance and total care in my recovery process? My complete experience at Hillcrest has been one of joy, love, happy contentment and deep peace, all results of your efforts of all department staff and their efforts on my behalf. They are all true professionals and to be commended for their hard work and devotion to their patients. Such LTC! I look forward to continued recovery at home because all of the great inspiration I’ve received from everyone employed by HHR! Thanks & God Bless You!”

– Miss Nancy A.

“My name is Diane. Over the holidays my husband and I were at Hillcrest to visit my step-dad, (M.B.) After our visit, I felt compelled to drop you a note. I think that in any business where you deal with people everyday, so often we hear negative feedback but seldom do we hear the positive. But during our visit to Hillcrest, it didn’t feel like a ‘business’. Everyone that we encountered seemed to truly want to be there to care for the residents. Everyone smiled, joked with the residents, seemed to know a lot about them. It was very refreshing.

My step-dad… is the type of guy that will talk to anyone. In the past, anytime we would go somewhere he would always find a stranger and make them his friend. They would talk like they had known each other forever. And eventually it seemed he always found that they had personal ties with a certain person or place. I share that with you because when I saw him in the hospital the last time, that ‘spark’ seemed to be missing. But seeing him at Hillcrest, that spark was back. Employees walked by and said ‘hi, how are you doing, (patient name)?” He would wave and make some kind of joke with them. It was great to see.

I have been an RN… since 2004. I believe that if you don’t want to truly help people you should not be in the healthcare field. I did not encounter one single person at your facility that I felt was there just for the paycheck. Your staff is to be commended. Please pass this along to them and thank them for taking such great care of (patient name).

– Diane W.

Hillcrest Hospice Care

“To Hillcrest Hospice:
Our deepest and sincerest thanks to you for the gentle and loving care you gave to our loved one, (M.W.) The songs, prayers, comfort care, words of encouragement, just the overall attention given in helping Mom with her transition. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel. You are all special people. Thank you for excelling in your gifts and talents.”

-The family of M.W.

“We have recommended and will continue to recommend to personal friends. This is our 5th experience with hospice care and Hillcrest is the best yet!!! Thank you so much!”

-Anonymous family member

“The Hospice staff was very efficient. Your staff helped us to spend quality time with my mother before she died. We are so grateful for the care we received not only for our mother, but for us!”

-The family of M.N.

“Thank you all so much for the awesome care received. God bless.”

– Miss B.

“We appreciate the care, kindness and concern the Hospice team offered. Mom was very much at peace when she passed away. We are grateful for your support.”

– Janice S.

Hillcrest Mable Rose

“…Thank you also, for helping to provide such a wonderful new home for (resident name). I have had the opportunity to meet many members of your staff and their care and professionalism is off the charts. She also speaks glowingly of all the folks I don’t run into: those who do her nails and hair and those amazing bubble baths. I also heard about the fantastic Christmas celebration which I missed and all the movies and bingo and musicians you bring in. I did, however, make it for the art show and the incredible Mother’s Day spread. Wow!”

– Jim R.

Hillcrest Physical Therapy

“Sarah, Jake and Nicole all provided outstanding care. Most of my sessions were with Sarah and she was consistent in her explanation of what she had me do in her explanation of why I needed a specific exercise as well as in her explanation of how to do it correctly. I am delighted with the results.”

– Clara Sue A.

“Very satisfied with all aspects of being here. Cleanliness, friendliness… I will miss coming here.”

– Jean H.

“My physical therapist was involved and concerned, always followed up on aches and pains. Sarah and Sarah are cheerful and make the environment pleasant.”


“This is my second time doing physical therapy here. If I ever need to do it again I will definitely come back. The staff is great and I feel like all of my needs were met. If anyone I know needs therapy I will send them your way.”

-Sarah E.

“…This is my 3rd experience in P.T. and hands down is the best.”

-Deb M.

Hillcrest Adult Day Services

“…the blessing is all ours……such a relief to (participant name) and I to see her active and enjoying herself. All my worries were for not. I am sure that is all because of the quality of the wonderful staff. She is such a sweet lady. This is such a night and day difference from her experience in assisted living. It’s the PEOPLE that make all the difference. From the bottom of our hearts….THANK YOU all.”

– Paula U.